Tp-Link ac1750 setup

We will explain to you how to setup Tp-Link ac1750 router as a router  Wi-Fi mode. The Tp-Link ac1750 router will be connected to the Internet Service Provider modem via WAN port for this configuration.

Step 1

Connect your laptop/PC to a LAN port on your Tp-Link ac1750 router using a LAN cable (Ethernet cable).

Step 2

Open the browser in your laptop/PC. Now open the web address, this page will bring up the Tp-Link ac1750 setup screen.

Step 3

On your Tp-Link ac1750 router you have all login information, that information you could use for login. Now the Tp-Link ac1750 setup screen asks you to enter the user name and password, check the same details on your router and login on it.

Step 4

Now you have Tp-Link ac1750 setup wizard, follow the instruction do the complete `setup. In during the Tp-Link ac1750 setup you can change the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password for better security.

Step 5

Tp-Link ac1750 setup has been completed. Now you can easily connect your all home wireless devices with Tp-Link ac1750 router wirelessly.

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